Our 5 committees offer a unique and fun way for members to engage themselves in the association, help in organizing events, or simply make new friends. Whether you want to plan a trip for our members or show your creativity through assisting with our marketing campaigns, we’ve got just the committee for you; Check them all out below!

Activity Committee

The Activity Committee of Erasmus Esports comes up with ideas for and organizes monthly events for our members. They think of the craziest ways to provide everyone a good time and they aren’t afraid of a challenge! Have a look at our halloween murder mystery party (image) and other events in our monthly events section!

Are you down to plan the coolest events of the year? Are you creative, responsible and a team player? Then we’re looking for you! Committee applications open at the start of each academic year!

Competitive Committee

The Competitive Committee of Erasmus Esports is in charge of scouting, coaching and managing our competitive teams. They keep in touch with other associations and competitions to ensure the competitive season will run smoothly. The committee consists of different members, all responsible for the competitive scene within their own designated game. Head to our tournaments page to find out more!

Trip Committee

Let’s explore new places together – the trip committee organizes yearly trips for members to bond and discover cities outside of the Netherlands. If you love traveling and organizing bigger projects, we’d love to have you in our trip committee! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our 2022 Prague trip in our photo gallery.

OMEN Committee

The OMEN committee is all about marketing and creativity; come up with exciting social media posts or exclusive member promotions together with our partner OMEN! Whether you’re skilled in graphic design, have marketing experience, or would just like to experience the creative process of our social media campaigns, this committee has a lot to offer!

Lustrum Committee

Every 5 years, Erasmus Esports celebrates its Lustrum year with a gala, beer cantus, and pub quiz. Join us in organizing these special events to honor the association!