League of Legends            Our biggest game. We have won the Dutch College League twice and provide all sorts of trainings and competitive experience 

Rainbow Six Siege            A game with a rapidly growing fan base. We help to provide you the teammates you need to start competing 

CS:GO                            One of the older competitive games is still played a lot to this day. We hope to provide you a student competition this coming year

Rocket league                    A game that seems easy on paper, but is really hard to master. This is a game most people have played, but few have mastered

Board games                  Not only do we play online, but also a lot of board games. Werewolves and clue are crowd favorites

Just dance                          If playing with a console is not your strength, you can always compete in the weekly dancing showdowns

We of course play a lot more and almost every game has been experienced by our members, but these are the main ones. We also have a lot of old school game cube games (smash, Mario kart double dash etc.) and of course the new versions on Switch. You can always challange your party game skills against multiple very competitive people. Fifa is also enjoyed by most as a casual game and always end in someone saying the game is unbalanced! 

Not only do you have to play during our meeting, but you can also join our discord to ask people to play, there are always people online! If you want to join discord you can shoot a message to