Gaming is for everyone!

We believe that gaming is for everyone. Whether you want to play casual and have a beer or strive to be a professional esports athlete, we have it all! Curious about what we have to offer? Take a look at what we do down below.

Weekly Meetings

Every Wednesday evening, we host our weekly meeting at House of Esports, located in Rotterdam-Zuid! With multiple consoles, gaming PC’s and a bar, you will never experience a dull evening!

Make sure to pass by sometime to meet other esports enthousiasts and get to know us better!


The Activity Committee strives to host an event for our members once or twice every month – think of events such as a pub quiz, a Halloween party or our yearly Christmas potluck!

We’re also hosting open events and meeting during the Eurekaweek and the start of the academic year – don’t miss out!

Esports competitions

Some of our members are competing in a variety of competitions for all kinds of games, on all kinds of levels!

Our teams range from just-for-fun teams to teams competing on international stages.

Do you have what it takes and are you interested in joining one of our teams? Make sure to get in contact with us and we’ll hook you up with our Competitive Committee!


OMEN has provided our association with 10 top-notch gaming PCs decked out with all the specs a competitive gamer could ask for, as well as high-quality peripherals and monitors. Starting from September 2021 OMEN will be the main partner of Erasmus Esports for the next five years.

Want to become a member?